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Yes, there are additional RM1.00 fees for payments by toyyibPay.

If you have been billed more than your Total Payment amount at checkout, contact YXworkshop Malaysia Customer Service.

To view your past orders/purchases, select ORDERS via the menu under MY ACCOUNT.

If your e-voucher is invalid or fully redeemed, here’s what you can do:

E-vouchers for e-merchants (e.g. Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Boost, etc.)

If you encounter an error message, such as “Invalid” or “Fully redeemed” when the e-voucher code is applied in the website:

  • Contact the merchant’s customer service to find out why the error is shown.
  • After you have been informed of the reason for the error, contact YXworkshop Malaysia Customer Service for further assistance.

E-vouchers for offline merchants

If you experience any error when attempting to redeem the e-voucher at the merchant’s outlet, contact YXworkshop Malaysia Customer Service for assistance.

If your order is cancelled by us, our system will immediately process the refund according to the payment method used for this order.

Orders may be cancelled by us due to various reasons, such as out-of-stock situations, delivery area is out of range, or as per buyer's request (some buyer-initiated cancellations require approval from us).

Rating a product

You can rate a product once the order it belongs to is completed. Returned, refunded or canceled orders are not eligible for rating. To rate a product, select Submit via the product page on Reviews.

Rating Product Quality

Rate the Product Quality using the stars (5 stars being the highest) > Write a review.

Rating an order

Rate the Service for the order respectively by using the stars (5 stars being the highest).


  • Product Quality - The quality of the product
  • Service - The quality of service provided by the YXworkshop Malaysia (e.g. agent’s attitude, helpfulness in answering queries)
  • Delivery Service - Service and efficiency of the courier

Reviewing a product

There are 1 elements of a product review:

  • Text

When leaving a review, you should:

  • Use respectful language.
  • Write a truthful review based on your experience (e.g. whether the item received has met expectations, how well the item received matches the product description on the listing).

You should not:

  • Give irrelevant feedback that is not about the product, service, or delivery service.
  • Use excessive/repeated emojis, words, or characters, which is considered spam.
  • Use language that are offensive.

If your order is still under the "Processing" status, please proceed to request for return/refund if you:

Parcel not delivered
Parcel delivered with missing items
Received the wrong product(s)
Received a product with physical damage
Received a faulty product
Received a counterfeit product